Gun-Grabbing and Undermining the Second Amendment

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Gun-Grabbing and Undermining the Second Amendment

Abby has directed stated in her Twitter feed that she wants to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban (AWB) of 1994. Given that she was in leadership of the “Moms Demand Action” rabidly anti-second amendment group, its important that voters in the 7th understand exactly what this means. For example, when inquiring on her Facebook page for specifics, her page admins indicated that she not only supports reinstatement of the prior ban, but expanding it.

Questions that Abby needs to answer:

  1. You want to reinstate the “Assault Weapons” ban (see image below). Can you please specifically define what an “assault weapon” is?
  2. “Assault weapons”, which have fully automatic or select-fire capabilities, are already essentially banned, and have been since 1986. What you are really talking about is semi-automatic weapons with certain features, with many of those same weapons sharing common characteristics with most weapons owned in America today. As a CIA operative, shouldn’t you understand proper weapons terminology, especially if you plan to legislate against them? Isn’t it irresponsible to knowingly conflate language used when addressing firearms policy?
  3. Its been well-documented that the AWB had no meaningful impact on crime. Why do you support reinstating legislation that didn’t meet its intended goals, and simply hurt sporting businesses?
  4. What is your plan to confiscate “assault weapons” that are already owned and enjoyed by American citizens?
  5. Will you commit to having law enforcement, to include security at the House of Representatives, be included in this same legislative umbrella? If not, why do you deserve better protection than my family?


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