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The Issue

We, citizens of the 7th Congressional District of Virginia, expect our Congressional Representative, Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, to demonstrate clear and unequivocal support for ensuring our nation’s security at our borders including points of entry and specifically the dangerous situation that currently exists at the Southern Border of the United States

Whereas Speaker Pelosi has stated that  “there will be no wall” and has refused to enter into serious negotiations with President Trump on funding border security,

Whereas Speaker Pelosi  and your Democrat colleagues passed appropriation bill HR 21 on which you voted Yes which included border security funding for foreign nations but included no funding for the southern border of the United States,

Whereas Speaker Pelosi, in prior sessions, has negotiated to support a border wall with significant funding, now refuses to fund the border and thus demonstrates a posture of grandstanding and unacceptable political rhetoric at the expense of American citizens,

Whereas the increasing infiltration of drugs and crime into our country that impacts the job of our border security officials and the safety of all citizens of the United States is detrimental,

Whereas you pledged to work with the President on important matters to advance public policy during your campaign,

Whereas we are a sovereign nation and your oath of office is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,

We, the undersigned, expect you to represent the citizens of the 7th district of Virginia with leadership; votes that reflect a conscientious devotion to the rule of law; and a priority for the legal citizens of the United States in all matters that come before you.

What We Ask

Please sign our petition urging Rep. Spanberger to support border security funding, to include construction of appropriate barriers. The completed petition will be presented to Rep. Spanberger to reinforce how her constituents in the district expect her to perform her duties.

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